Lubricants and grease

Woltec supplies all sorts of lubricants and grease on wholesale as well as retail basis across various destinations across the world. We are working to deliver wide range, high quality lubricants, cleaner burning and more efficient lubricants. Woltec products are designed to meet the needs of automotive, industrial & marine applications.

Woltec supplies:

  • Automotive lubricants & grease
  • Industrial lubricants & grease
  • Marine lubricants & grease
  • Engine oils
  • Transmission oils
  • Automotive function fluids
  • Service products
  • Industrial oils
  • All types of Grease

Lubricants private branding support

At Woltec, we are determined to keep you ahead of the market by providing all the necessary supports in developing private brands in lubricants as per customer requirements. By combining design thinking with business knowledge, we develop solutions that drive business results.

  • Naming & Logo design
  • Selection of suitable lubricants container moulds & drum designs
  • Label design
  • Carton design

Lubricant export consulting & documentation

We provide full assistance in lubricant export in different countries across the world. Our experience in the field of export helps in guiding businesses on issues such as tariffs, insurance, shipment, quotas and business tax compliance.

  • Shipment support including local transportation arranging freight forwarders
  • Export documentation for local government and port clearance