About Us

About Us

Woltec - a company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of high-quality lubricants. Oils and greases under the brand Woltec successfully sell in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America. Woltec Lab GmbH capacities concentrated on three plants, located in the northwest of Germany.

We strive to improve the protection of our products against counterfeiting by introducing advanced technologies in the field of packaging and warehouse logistics, thus making the product easier to transport over long distances and further sales.Woltec Lab GmbH constantly works with feedback of our major trading partners and listens carefully to the recommendations in the field of assortment and logistics optimization. That makes Woltec products world demanded.Woltec Lab GmbH is always opened to new collaborations!

Without changing our core specialization, which is development of heavy duty lubricants, we cooperate only with specialized distribution companies engaged in promotion of Woltec motor oils and lubricants in one or more countries. We carefully evaluate effectiveness of our partners' distribution systems and work only with the most worthy ones. We build long-term relations with our partners and value them. Our company offers reasonable prices for lubricants minimizing the marketing support at the international level and concentrating on marketing support of each individual distributor. A brand book of Woltec trade mark is optimized for developed and developing markets considering their regional features and specificity.

We always find a way to meet our customers’ requirements, no matter how demanding they are, because we know that at times it’s a human life that may depend upon the quality of our oils. Woltec Lab GmbH is a reliable partner who always ready to tackle challenging tasks and successfully handles them all. Only with such approach we can create motor oils for important projects involving operation of mechanisms in the most extreme duty cycles.


Best selling oil in Europe.Vast range of grades with best quality simply makes Woltec the only choice for your car.

Steve Lotte


The High quality of Woltec lubricants with extensive variety of grades makes it the one and only oil to be selected over the counter for your vehicle.It is true to say that the price of Woltec products are little bit high but what matters the most is the quality and definitely good quality can only be provided if expensive additives are used in virgin oil.

Duane Andre


One of my friends told me about Woltec Motor oil and I decided to give it a try and now I’m a huge customer since 2004. Whether you buy a new vehicle or you have an old one with a weak engine, the only solution is Woltec. Best protection for the new one and high boost for the old one makes Woltec the best choice.

Gary Scott


I personally have used the Woltec Industrial Lubricants for my plant and to be very true no one recommended me to use this brand of oil but I selected Woltec because of it’s unique outlook and design and the results proved me right. And Now I recommend Woltec Industrial oil to anyone who has invested a big amount of money in buying expensive machines for industry.

Luis Stanley


Little bit expensive while comparing with other German oils in the market but a big yes to the quality that never disappoints. Whether using in heavy duty motor vehicles or industrial machines it gives an excellent and exemplary performance.

Ben Noah


Harmann is a truly effective marketer who helped position SEPNIC Oil retailing company in UAE as a leader in Retailing field. He has a very good understanding of the Oil industry and is exceptional at making effective contacts. He is also very good at taking technical writing and converting it into something which non technical people can understand.

Alan Smith

Director, SEPNIC Ltd

I first came across Harmann when he was presenting the idea of introducing Woltec in the entire Middle East in Final Berlin delegates-Woltec meeting in UAE and have since been fortunate enough to work with him on the Maktoum Conference and Exhibition. Harmann has a knack with people, putting them immediately at their ease and making them feel welcome, whether as a business partner or colleague. Harmann has a big personality and this helps hugely in his work. At recent conferences of Woltec Harmann was easily the most visible person there, whether working for Woltec or volunteering for any retailing company. His boundless energy and enthusiasm for the task makes him a real asset for whoever he works.

Andrew Vinall

Technical Engineer, Intertek

Harmann is a joy to work with. He designed a wonderful team in Middle East. He has worked proactively with me to make sure my company gets lots of ink in the magazines from all over the world. I made sure to meet him in person when I travelled to UAE from Germany, and we had some coffee and deep conversations.

Jeanne Perdue

Owner of Apnoc holdings Ltd, Former Marketing Manager-Woltec Corporation

I worked with Harmann on the designing of my new branch office in Bavaria where he was the driving force behind the initiative, as well as other industry-wide initiatives. With a good eye for detail and not letting ‘second best’ slip through the net he would add value to any team.

Neville Hall

Trier Corporation

I have worked for several years now with Woltec. We had a great business and it got even more better when Harmann stepped in Woltec. His drive and enthusiasm have greatly benefitted the trade show. Harmann is also a master at “networking” an exhibition floor.

Abdullah Rashid Alghadir

Al Ghadeer Oil Stocks Ltd, Bahrain

Harmann has an exceptional talent for people because of his natural and genuine interest in them. Due to his charm, it is no wonder so many people in his industry know him and smile warmly at the mention of his name. I always look forward to speaking with him and listening to his views on current trends and events.

Aaron Ball

Blackbriar Legal Advisory Services

I have known Harmann for about 6 years in the upstream oil industry. He has organised some great high profile marketing events for Woltec Corporation. Harmann has developed strong working relationships with a great many oil professionals and is not only well known but highly respected and regarded for his work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Harmann both as an entrepreneur and as an individual

Deirdre O’Donnell

Owner, Working Smart Limited

Woltec is a big picture and The CEO of Woltec is a kind of person and does an excellent job of providing concepts and ideas related to Oil field that are perfect for our organization. Harmann meets deadlines, provides excellent quality and is a delight to work with. I hope our working relationship continues for many, many years. In additional to Harmann being a great asset, his team at Woltec UAE is one-of-a-kind.

Ahmed Naeemi

Owner and Ceo, Naeemi Retail Group UAE